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 Advertising? How to?

Today even on Photorail you can have your own advertising, for your firm or activity. In a first phase only two ad spaces will be available on the homepage which let you have in a central position a banner linked to your website. Maximum dimensions of the top banner are 310x70 pixels, the lower banner must have 250x65 pixels dimensions. Both can be .jpg or .gif files. In the future many other spaces on new pages will be available, always with the same details. Photorail wants in this way to promote the visibility of magazines, factories and activities connected to railway or model railway world.

 Why advertise on Photorail?

Because Photorail since January2000 represents a must for all the railfans and train modellers in Italy and a wellknown name in the european panorama. With a medium number of daily visitors up to 150/200 from worldwide, this is surely a better and cheaper way to be visible than what you could obtain on a magazine.

 How does it costs?

A single space cost is variable on its location inside the page. You also can choose the timing period of your advertise. All possible cases can be easily evaluated following this link

 Are you decided to do it?

Write at the address here and specify the details of your ads!


 This page in Italian


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